Pristine island nature

Besides sun, sea and sand, Curaçao is also a mecca for true adventurers. Especially on the north side, where nature lovers can indulge themselves and you will find untouched pieces of nature. We recommend climbing the Christoffelberg, where after a tough climb you will be rewarded with an amazing view over the nature park (Christoffelpark). On a clear day you can even see Bonaire! There are also several walking routes through the park - that covers no less than 2,000 hectares. Keep your ears and eyes open, because you will spot special flora and fauna here, which you (often) will not encounter anywhere else on the island.
View of the Christoffelberg from Santa Martha
Shete Boka
On the edge of this park borders the rugged Shete Boka Park (The 7 coves), where you spot rough bays, cliffs, caves and impressive natural phenomena. Such as Boka Pistol, which owes its name to the seawater that is spewed up there with full force and clatters violently on the bare rocks. Or Boka Tabla; a fairytale cave that you can admire from above. Those who dare can brave the swirling water at their own risk and can also descend and discover the inside of the cave.

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