Sea Roots Villas, Curaçao

The place where you experience the island at its purest

The Sea Roots villas Elise & Anna are a true destination on their own. An authentic island experience that takes you back to the origins of Curaçao, the roots of the island and the simplicity of nature.

Through natural shapes and tactile stimuli, the villas create a feeling of outdoor living inside. Sensory experience and connection to nature are central to the design approach and interior design of the Sea Roots Villas. With that they bring a surprising perspective.

By using natural materials, earthy color tones, organic and architectural forms, this is a place where you can completely relax.

100% inspired by island nature

The villas are completely inspired by the ecology of the island: the drought, the nature, the roots, the rocks, and the rough sea. From organic coral patterns to washed-up bamboo roots and nature photography.

This concept closes the gap between man and nature. And guests instinctively get to know the origin of the island, without having to leave the villa.

The soul of
Sea Roots Villas

The villa’s Anna & Elise are designed by IHC Architects in a modern Caribbean architectural style. Interior Design, Creative Direction and Art by STUDIO ANNA KUNST. The instinctive and natural working method is the driving force behind the design approach and layout of the Sea Roots Villas. The villas Elise & Anna are therefore each unique in its kind – from concept to implementation. The aim is to bring people and nature closer together again. A groundbreaking challenge in the current digital age we’re living in.

Every material, art object, color or shape tells a story, has a purpose, a meaning. For example, washed up roots of Klein Curaçao formed the basis for a chandelier, a tropical land snail shell the inspiration for a table top and local rocks formed the basis of homemade natural stone walls.

- Anna Kunst
She transformed Sea Roots into a unique stay where you can experience pure relaxation again, immerse yourself in luxury, and become one with nature. A serene place that slowly brings you back to your own inner roots.

The natural island elements can be found inside the villas down to the smallest details. From the Sea Roots Villas logo to the objects and art hanging on the walls.
These unique 'realistically woven' wall hangings have been brought to life in collaboration with STUDIO ANNA KUNST, Lotte van Dijk and the Tilburg Textile Museum.