A wonderful underwater world

Above the water you will already delight. But underwater, a whole other world opens up to you. A world full of vast reefs, giant sea turtles and all kinds of tropical fish. From trumpet fish and butterflyfish to large rays, colorful coral and even octopuses! One thing is certain: anyone who takes a dip and travels to the bottom of the ocean will be amazed within a minute.

Sea turtle
Tugboat Beach
There are countless diving and snorkeling spots on the island, but the nicest and closest snorkeling spots are Director's Bay and Tugboat Beach. The latter is known for the shipwreck that sank here about 30 years ago, which you can also swim to. After your trip underwater, sit back and enjoy a cold drink at the Tugboat Beach Bar or stop at Pop's Place on your way home; a restaurant with a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere, located on the Caracas Bay. Here you can taste farm-fresh gold mahi or local delicacies such as Karni Stoba (local stew).
Shipwreck at Tugboat Beach
Shipwreck at Tugboat Beach

More off the grid with a tailor-made tour? Get in touch with local Andy Max Elstak who loves to share his passion for this island with you. He speaks fluent English and Dutch and takes you everywhere!